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Radeon 6870 won't display in new build

Hi, I am having an annoying problem building my first pc. My motherboard posts fine, and recognizes the RAM and CPU. Additionally when running on integrated graphics (either when my Radeon 6870 is unplugged or I set the BIOS for IGFX) the display works fine when connected through VGA. However, when I try running the display through my Radeon I get no signal. I am using an HDMI cable to connect the Radeon to my HDTV (Olevia brand). The Radeon's fan runs on startup, and the LED light that would indicate a faulty GPU is not lit (my motherboard is the Asus P8Z68-V GEN3), so does anybody know what could be wrong? Is there some BIOS setting I can change, because I certainly can't find one. Or does it have something to do with the HDMI? I don't have a DVI cable at the moment.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this...
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  1. You connected PCIe power from your PSU to the card?
  2. Assuming you have connected the 2x6 pin PCIe power cables.

    Also please mention the PSU used.

    I've dealt with this Exact same problem , Exact Same Video card with a friends setup. I kinda faced the same issue myself(Also have the 6870), My issue was resolved by a re boot. Im assuming you have re booted many times. You mentioned your MB post fine, Do you see the windows loading screen in DOS ? Because my friend could see the BIOS and windows loading screen but when it was time to see the Desktop his HDTV would have no display. Did a driver wipe and re install. (Use Driver Sweeper)
  3. I have connected the two PCIe power cables, and my PSU is a PC Power and Cooling Silencer MKII 750W. I haven't actually installed Windows yet, but I can't even see the ASUS splash screen or BIOS with the Radeon. I have rebooted many times (right now I've only been using the power button on my motherboard to boot, don't know if that matters).
  4. That should not matter, looks like you got a bad card!
  5. Ugh, what a pain. Well I think I'll still try a little more testing first, but could you tell me if it is safe to have the card out of the PCIe slot but still plugged into to the PSU via the two 6-pins while the PSU/motherboard is running (it's annoying to keep taking out the 6-pins whenever I remove the card).
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    have you updated the bios yet to the newest rev. there been a lot of bug fixes from asus on there z77 line. also have you tried the video card in the other pci slot??
  7. I would not take it out without unplugging the PSU from it!
  8. Wow, turns out it was the pcie slot... which kind of sucks since the one I have to use now is 8x instead of 16x... and I can kiss any hope of crossfire goodbye. Oh well, its too much of a hassle to rma the motherboard so I guess I'll deal with it. Thanks!
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  10. Which slot do you have it in?
    I would not give the option to crossfire away and therefore RMA the board!
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