I need a SMPS power supply for my hp pavilion 1230. upgrading graphics card, nee

Need help, I tryed to use a Cosair 750W I got on black friday and the system fans start but then soon shut off. I need a reliable SMPS because I guess SMPS is all hp uses... I have around $75 to spend, thanks!
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    The Corsair PSU should work in the HP no problem. Are you sure you had everything plugged in correctly? You had the 24Pin and the 8pin ATX (not 8 pin or 6+2 pin PCIe) connector connected to the motherboard?
    That is behavior I would expect to see if a PCIe connector was plugged into the motherboard.
    If you are absolutely sure you had all connectors right (I suggest double checking), you should begin the RMA process with Corsair. As I said, there is no reason the Corsair shouldn't work (outside of malfunction or being connected wrong)
    Good luck
  2. so I dont need a switch mode power supply? I guess maybe its a defective PSU. Thanks for your help
  3. The Corsair (their entire lineup) falls under the category of "switching power supply" or "switch-mode Power supply" - I'd never seen the term SMPS before. A different PSU will probably have the same (or similar) architecture as the Corsair. Any PSU that has "active PFC" will also be a switching PSU although not all switching PSU's will have active PFC.
    Hope it makes sense.
  4. Makes sense thanks for your help!
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