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Help Decided a graphics card compatible with my pc

Hello Everyone

Im looking for some advice on a new graphics card!

Ive had such a hard time with graphics cards at the moment.
Im trying to find a graphics card that will work with my pc well as i just bought a ASUS GeForce GTX550 Ti and everything on my pc as much as the visuals are improved the, frame rate has dropped compared to my old graphics card so ive returned it! as im a 3D artist and 3ds max would barely run due to the frame rate!

I just need some professional advice on what to do really.

My PC Specs are:

HP Pavilion P6109 uk -

8gb Memory DDR3 (Upgraded from 4gb)
512mb NVIDIA GeForce G 210
500W PSU (upgraded from 300W)
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz
Motherboard: IPIEL-LA3 (Eureka3)

I just really need help pin pointing a specific graphics card. preferably around £100 - £150 range.

Thankyou for any advice i really appreciate it!
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  1. Did you reinstall drivers when you installed the new card? Either that, or that card was faulty. The performance shouldn't have dropped, as GTX 550 Ti is 10 times faster than GT 210.
    Also, a few questions:

    1. Do you play games?
    2. Do you need CUDA?
  2. Thanks for the reply so quickly!

    I did reinstall the drivers yes, and they are up to date. I also made sure all the drivers for my bios and board and stuff were up to date too!
    I wondered if it was faulty, but the person on overclockers uk (where i bought the graphics card) said that its my machines fault when i told him the specs of it.

    1. I do play games, I recently tried Tera and Diablo 3, Tera has massive performance drop, overall performance was worse than the G210 even though the graphics were set higher. and Diablo ran smoothly, but constantly every 2 to 3 seconds had frame drops/lags.

    2. Im not really sure what CUDA is! sorry ill look it up now!
  3. Well, if you don't know what CUDA is, then chances are you don't need it ;). I just asked because some designers use it.

    The guys at are really dumb if they said that - your machine is more than capable to run card like GTX 550 Ti.

    Could you post more details of your power supply? Like brand, model?
  4. Ah okay :)

    This is a power supply i got recommended to me which is why i got it.
  5. I don't really know who recommended that, but so to say... the recommendation was very bad. That power supply was probably the reason why GTX 550 Ti performed so bad. When looking at power supplies, always get a quality brand, which are Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, OCZ, XFX and other mentioned here:

    Are you able to return that power supply? If you can, I'd do it instantly.
  6. oh wow really?! yes i can still return it!

    I didnt realise that a power supply makes that much difference? i guess it is powering the graphics card.
    Thanks so much for the advice, ill take the power supply back right away and look into one of the ones suggested :)

    So in other words, get the same graphics card again (or one similar) but also get a good quality power supply?
  7. Another question as well. In my PSU is an interior one, its it important for my fan to point out the back of the machine? or is it okay for it to point down into the machine?

    Because my old PSU pointed out of the machine, but the one im going to take back points down from the top to the bottom of the machine.

    Is that a problem purely because it points towards the GPU as well if it points down :\
  8. It's not a problem at all. Check this article:,3053-4.html

    Power supply is one of the most important PC parts - because it is responsible for providing clean power to other components. Without clean power, your components might degrade over time or even blow up.

    And yes, you can pick up the same graphics card if you want to. Lastly, please consult with us before hitting the trigger again and buying another power supply :) Just link the model that you have in mind and I'll tell you if it's a good one. Personally, I'd recommend this one, because it's both quality unit and relatively cheap (of course, it's more expensive than crap units, but among the quality units, it's one of the cheapest):
  9. This is great! thankyou so much for your information :) really appreciated!

    In terms of graphics card, i think ill have a little look around a bit more, i think im just a bit weary after it all as ive seen a few bad things about the card else were online :\

    Ay recommendations for a £100 - £150 price range with my specification? :)
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    I'd recommend this card, it's the most powerful card below 150 pounds:

    It requires two 6-pin PCIe power connectors connected from power supply straight to graphics card to function properly (just like GTX 550 Ti needed one). My recommended CX 500 fits that requirement. I believe that crappy ACE power supply had none of those connectors.
  11. This is great! :) i looked at this before!

    This is really helpful! i just wanted to say thankyou very much again! you have helped me so much!
    I really do appreciate it :)
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  13. No problem, glad to help! :)
  14. Hello again

    Sorry just another quick question!

    Just getting a 500W PSU would that be able to support the card enough? including all the other components?

    because i just found this PSU

    Just wondering if either one is better? because the XFX one sounds better! for not much more money either.

    also does the Volts make a difference? because this one says "ATX v2.2" while the Corsair one says "ATX v2.3" ?
  15. Ive seen these before, my only problem i have with them is that they dont really support games, its solely 3d modelling where as i want a card that can do both well really.

    Is there much on firePro? are they professional recommended?
    will they still be able to for fill both my needs?

    Also did you see my post about the PSU above? advice of which one to go for would be greatly appreciated too :)
  16. You're right, those firepro/quadro cards are bad at gaming. That's why my first question for you was whether you were a gamer.

    The power supply you found is better than the one I linked. It has 80 plus Bronze certification and has more connectors. XFX makes quality power supplies too :).
  17. The ATI FirePro V4800 is a Redwood XT -- a Radeon HD 5670 that pulls 75w max.

    It's a nice upgrade to your GT210, and should make 3DSM almost tolerable in pan/zoom/editing.
  18. Wisecracker said:
    The ATI FirePro V4800 is a Redwood XT -- a Radeon HD 5670 that pulls 75w max.

    It's a nice upgrade to your GT210, and should make 3DSM almost tolerable in pan/zoom/editing.

    ... And HD 6870 is 2.5 times more powerful for same price.
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