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I have following warning message on boot.

HI ,

I have following warning message on boot.
The Following are warnings that were detected during this boot .
WARNING : CMOS Battery Failure
WARNING : CMOS Check sum error
WARNING : CMOS Time not set

Please help me to resolve this.

intel i3 2100 - 3.1Ghz
VGA- NVIDIA Gforce GT 440
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    New battery for the motherboard?
  2. babernet_1 said:
    New battery for the motherboard?

    even after changing the new battery the same error continue, But without the battery Failure error warning. I reenter the time and date in CMOS set up and save the changes and exited, and i shut down my PC. after few minutes i switched on the PC but the same error continues without the Battery Failure Error, which means CMOS Check sum error and CMOS Time not set error Continues. i tried another new battery but no help, i have to always enter the correct Date and time values and Save and exit changes every time to correct my date and time. I even tried resetting the default bios, but no help. Please assist
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