Build keeps Locking up randomly

Its been a while now with this problem. The following is the history to the problem, you can skip to "Current" to see the current situation.
My original build was:

MSI 740GM-P25
AMD Athlon II x4 @3ghz
ATI Radeon HD 5450 1G
300W PSU

The original build suffered from seemingly random lockups and freezes. The screen will be stuck on the last frame rendered and the speakers would emit very loud static noise. The keyboard and mouse wouldn't respond during the lockup and the only way out was the reset the machine.
After a while of this happening, my computer finally refused to boot with a 4 beep error.
I brought the system to my local computer shop for them to diagnose the problem, and they told me that the Motherboard was faulty.


I swapped out my motherboard, video card, and power supply, here is my current system:

MSI 760GM-P23 (FX)
AMD Athlon II x4 @3ghz (original)
2GB DDR3 ADATA RAM (original)
Sparkle Nvidia Geforce GT 430 2G
WD 500GB HDD (original)
350W Seed PSU

And to my great dismay, the lockups are still happening. I want to get to the root of the problem before something like my motherboard dying happens again.
The lockups seem to happen the most when I am multitasking, or when I am gaming. Lockups occasionally happens when I'm not doing anything at all.

The store that told me my original motherboard was bad told me that the other parts were perfectly fine. They checks the parts by testing them on other computers.
I have run memtest86+ for 5 passes with no errors. I ran chkdsk multiple times.
I am currently trying to get my hands on a Windows 7 install disk to do a clean install.
What do you think might be causing the lockups?
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  1. UPDATE Did a clean install of Windows and it Locked up again while installing Ninite. The problem doesn't seem to be software related.
    Ran Prime95 and It froze after the first torture test. I really doubt it is the CPU, but I'm going to think that it maybe a heat problem.
  2. UPDATE I'm taking my computer to a shop to diagnose and maybe repair my computer.
  3. it the low end power supply. when you stress it one of the legs are going to drop or it have so much ac ripple it locks up the system. try putting in a good 430-500 ps and see if prime locks up.
  4. Or its the 2gb of RAM, could be bad or not enough. 4gb is pretty much the minimum for anything anymore.
  5. get a decent psu 2gb of ram should be fine with win 7 aslong as your not asking to much of it, i have my htpc with an old athon 4200+x2 and 1 gig of ram with win 7 and runs smooth as butter
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