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So I recently purchased an 89w Athlon 64 X2 5800+ 3.0 ghz to replace my 65w 4800+ 2.4 ghz and it turns out that the 5800+ is to much more powerful and causes the fan to go full speed.

I thought about selling the 3.0 ghz 5800+ and going down to the 65w 2.8 ghz 5600+ but seeing the benchmarks and relatively similar prices of the 5600+, it wouldn't be worth it. So I am replacing my current heatsink with one designed for an 89w processor. I was wondering if I would need to change anything else, for example would the fan need replacement because it still goes full speed or will the sensors determine that the CPU is now properly cooled with the arrival of the new heatsink?

Thanks for your time.
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  1. I believe both the 65 and 89watt CPU's used the same std cooler. Have checked that cool and quiet is activated in BIOS after the CPU change?
    If you are getting another cooler get an aftermarket one with slower fan speed. The fan is temperature controlled so you do not have to change anything else.
  2. get something like the deepcool mc3002gx , even at full speed it turns at 1650 rpm and is silent . It will keep your cpu cool , it keeps my oc @3.9 x6 1100 under 5c @100% all cores going .
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