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hi all, overclocking question: i have overclocked both my saphire 7870 and my i5-3570k a modest amount, the cpu is at 3.8 and i've done a small amount on the gpu, with that said i was playing saints row the third last night, it was working fine no stuttering or artifacting and the machine was running cool and quite, but when the game went to load it went to a black screen that wouln't go away i sadly had to reboot my computer which i don't like having to do from the tower. question is: did i go to far with the cpu overclock? i'm running a cooler master hyper 212+ cpu cooler and have not had any problems other than this. should i bring the clock speed down? thanks for the input!
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  1. More likely that it was your GPU.
  2. that's what i figured, but i realized something, it only happens on saints row 3, so i googled it and found out that it's a known issue with amd cards, i just need to figure out how to stop it now......
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