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How to break hard disk password

when trying to format the system its asking the passowrd, unable to start bios. suggest me to how to start the installation of new os
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  1. You should know the password, and what password, you say its a hard drive password but you are unable to apparently go in the BIOS, so can you actually boot or what?

    There is a BIOS password and there can be a password that/block can prevent you from booting.
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    If you are trying to install fresh over a Hp/Dell prebuilt unit and it is giving you that flashscreen you will have to contact them,
    No-one here will advise you how to crack/bypass security on systems,
    its against the Terms and conditions we signed up to when we joined Toms, and you should not post requesting us to,
    unless you can speak to a moderator and satisfy them you have a legitimate case, then this post will be locked and you may be banned,
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