How to erase graphics card update?

where does nvidia store graphics card updates in the windows operating system? (windows 7)

I messed up an update on my graphics card so now when I start up my computer it black screens.. so now im going to hook up my hardrive to the usb port of my laptop and try to fix it
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  1. Would not advise that at all, that will really mess things up! Can you boot your PC into Windows using Safe mode, press F8 as soon as Windows starts to try to load. Then you can work on it from there.
  2. Go to safe mode and reinstall driver again.
  3. Boot up in safe mode, uninstall the drivers, use RegCleaner or similar program to wipe the registry of everything with nvidia in the name, reboot, then install the drivers again.
    This is what I did with my Radeon, and it worked for me.
  4. No safe mode wont work it still black screens after I try booting it in safe mode... before the desktop or sign in page shows it just goes to a screen where all you see is black and the mouse that you can move around.
  5. Can you open task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del in safe mode?
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