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I have a PCIex16 Rev. 3 slot on the Motherboard, before I buy a PCIex16 Rev. 3 graphics card...I need to know if I can use a Rev. 2 riser card to get it to fit into a 2u case. Or do they make a Rev. 3, 2u tall riser card (as a two case slot vid. card won't fit on a short riser). Are the pins the same for Rev. 2 and 3?
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  1. to my knowledge the pins are the same. PCIe are built for backwards compatibility
  2. Yeah, but you can put an ivy bridge into an 1155 socket, which is kinda backwards compatable with the z68, h67, p67 and Q chipsets. If the northbridge is not z77 or better none of the extra stuff like the native PCIe Rev. 3.0 works.
  3. "The PEXP16-RX3 was designed to GEN2 speed with impedance matched to GEN2. The GEN3 happen to have the same impedance, so it should work properly, being it is relatively short. Other customers have used the RX1 and Rx2 also, and they performed properly."

    This is from the riser manufacturer.
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