CPU Temps.

Hi, I have a PC with the AMD Phenom x4 965 Black Edition. It has an after market CPU cooler and runs idling at around 36-38 degrees C and at about 60-65 degrees C during gaming. I built my Grandparents a PC too, it has the AMD Athlon II x3 and runs at 18 Idling, with the stock cooler! By the way, my pc has much better specs, the CPU, GPU, SSD are all much better so i know that could be the reason but 20 degrees is a big difference.

The cable management on either PC isn't great.

So my question is, is my CPU running too hot?
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  1. are you sure that is not wrong sensor reading for the X3?
  2. Don't think so but it could be, I'm using Core Temp to monitor the temps on both PC's
  3. I think it's a wrong reading. Did you check with other softwares? What about the BIOS monitor?
  4. Haven't checked yet. Not too worried about it, 36 degrees idling is a good temp isn't it? Thinking about getting a water cooling kit and a modular PSU which should help.

  5. yes, it's a good temp actually :)
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