Does dual core e5700 a good cpu??

i wanna to know is dual core e5700 good for gaming and the important question for me it will lag when browse web and watch hd movie?
my specs:
dual core e5700
2gb ram
250 gb harddisk
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  1. Pentium Dual Core E5700?

    for browsing the web and watch HD movies, I think depends on your other components. How many RAM do you have now? what GPU?

    for gaming, it will hold back lots of newer fast graphics cards.
  2. my specs up there
  3. ok for web and watching movie, not so good for gaming.
  4. Meanalot said:
    my specs up there

    it's still quite good. HD 4670 is still sufficient for watching HD contents. Maybe you can get another 2GB RAM. :)
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