Issues with gfx card

Hey guys, building my first PC.

It arrived yesterday, managed to get it all put together (without the gfx card) and I installed Win7.

Now, I go to plug in my gfx card this morning (I believe it's seated correctly, 2x 6 pin PCI-e connected to it). Now, I can turn it on and everything spins up, just no output from the screen. My computer does beep once.

Is my gfx card faulty? Do I need to connect my monitor through the gfx card as opposed to through the MoBo? I'll try that now while I wait for an answer.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I realise I through myself in at the deep end with this system.

Corsair 600w PSU
Gigabyte Z77... mobo (1155 socket)
EVGA 560ti
Intel i3 2100
8 gigs of Corsair Vengeance ram (2x 4gb sticks)

Everything works fine if I don't have my graphics card plugged in (or even powered, even if it's plugged in with no PCI-e adaptors my system itself runs fine) so I'm guessing it's an issue either with my installation of the gfx card or the gfx card itself.

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  1. Just tried connecting through the HDMI port in the gfx card, still no output on the screen and a single beep a few seconds after it's switched on.

    Any input?
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