Picking a GTX 670 help please?

I saved enough money to buy a new gtx 670 the problem these are my only choices

Inno3d GTX 670 iChill HerculeZ 3000
Gainward GTX 670 Phantom
Thanks in advance :hello:
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More about picking please
  1. how are those 2 the only ones please clarify
  2. The inno 3d is the faster out of the box. these are both massive cards that take up 3 slots.
    THG testing showed the Gainward card to be middle of the pack.

    I would go for the the Inno 3d
  3. devilofdeaths said:
    how are those 2 the only ones please clarify

    Because of 2 things 1 its cheaper than the other 670s 2. I only have 5 choices of 670 which are Asus GTX 670 (not top), FTW, JetStream and these 2
  4. please get the FTW edition even if you have to save up the FTW edition is the best by far
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