Need Suggestion on FX-4100 build.

Hi All

Im planning on building these parts together and wondering if it would be a great budget gaming pc.

CPU - AMD Fx-4100 (i3-2120 seems to be more popular, but with FX actual 4-cores it would be more future proofing?)

MB - Asus M5A78L-M LX PLUS AMD 760G

Ram - 2x2gb gskull 1600 ram

PSU - Cooler Master 500W eXtreme (not a very recommended brand but i wont be turning my pc on 24/7, maybe 5-10hrs max)

and for the GPU
GTX550-TI Stock-Clock or HD7770 (Same Price)

Wont be planning on overclocking or hardcore gaming~ just enough to play games such as MW3 or WoW on normal-high setting lag free on 1080px.

And does these part fits together? the fitting cable, ports, etc.

Any suggestion are very much appreciates.
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  1. it not a bad build for a low end gaming system. if you have a micro center near you they do have intel and amd combo deals.
    the g line of cpu are i3 just renamed to as lower price bracket. the g line with a gpu will run games a little faster then the 4 core amd..the 4 core amd will run apps like photoshop better then the g line. (most games two cores are fine) I had an old 775 system that ran most of the online games fine.. but i can tell you the newer sb/ib cpu are a lot faster then the older 775 i had.
    if i had to build a low end gaming system i go with the g620 and h61 or h71 mb. crusial 430 power supply and a hard drive.
  2. 4 cores > 2 cores, if you use the right software. Windows 8 will be more optimized to use a multi core CPU e.g Windows 7 startup uses 1 core, windows 8 will use all.
  3. Actually the FX 4100 doesnt have 4 real cores.It has two modules.So its cores share resources.If you want a good quad core without spending too much money look for a Phenom II X4 955/965.If youre not going to overclock, even a tiny bit you should get the Core i3 2120.Still if i were you i'd buy an Intel Pentium G540.Its half the price of the processors above and while it is a lot slower for a gaming build that isnt a big problem.

    For the graphics card the HD 7770 is significantly more powerfull than the 550 Ti, but with the saved money you can even buy an HD 6870 or a GTX 560!That will give you a MASSIVE FPS boost compared to the other two.

    The PSU you chose is... well from what i heard bad.You dont want to buy a new PC and have it shut down rondomly from day one.Buy something decent.

    One of the games you mentioned (WoW) behaves really wierdly on AMD CPU's.I mean AMD CPU's just dont play it as well as they should.That makes it really tough to chose an AMD CPU over a Intel one for this game.

    Still though the PC i'd buy for that price is pretty similar to yours.Downgrade the CPU to an Athlon II X4 645.

    Upgrade the power supply to this one.

    And, if you can afford it buy an HD 6870 or a GTX 560.

    If you still cant afford the better graphics card downgrade the memory.
    You wont lose any performance from this.I mean the motherboard doesnt even support 1600 MHz memory without an overclock.
  4. So would this be better?

    Asus P8Z77-M Pro (support the high end ram right? 1600?)
    and Antec EA-500D 500W

    Parts in my country are very limited.
    there are no Phenom series
    and the old GPU that are better or almost the same to the newer ones arent for sales here coz maybe the profit isnt good enough. >.<
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