Video performance issues after waking from sleep

I'm putting this in Windows 7 for now, although I understand it might be a mobo issue.

I did a search but didn't see any posts that matched my problem closely enough.

Intel BOXDZ68BC (Updated to lastest BIOS)
EVGA NVidia GT450 (latest drivers)
Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit

After I wake the computer from sleep, I start World of Warcraft and there are stutters where normally there is smooth motion and the frame rate drops. If I do a restart, WoW runs normally, rarely dropping below 60 and stutter-free. I use EVGA Precision v2.1.2 to adjust the fan speed for the GPU; it starts automatically on boot and I have it set to display GPU temp in the system tray--but it does not appear on wake-from-sleep, nor does is appear if I try manually running Precision after waking.

Before I updated the BIOS I had a memory map problem in returning from hibernation; the update seems to have fixed that problem but it doesn't seem to have fixed the video issues when returning from sleep.

For now I have disabled hybrid sleep but haven't tested it yet. I suppose I should do that next, and then see if it happens when returning from hibernation.

Until then, any ideas?
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  1. Have you solved your problem with this? I am running the same mobo with an EVGA GTX570. If I start my computer, start SWTOR or any other game, it runs perfectly.

    After waking the computer from sleep, I get stutter in video and audio. Does not go away until I restart the computer.

    All drivers are updated, mobo included.
  2. No. I don't think so. The work around I'm using is that I don't let it sleep, I just always turn it off if I'm leaving it for 30 or more. Probably better that way anyway. Start up is quick enough for me.

    I turned off hybrid sleep; the Precision program is still running and appears normal when it resumes unlike with hybrid sleep. But the game still stuttered.

    Good to know I'm not the only one, I guess. :)
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