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I have a Dell e6510 laptop,I bought windows 7 and just realized I have a 32 bit system,7 requires a 64 bit system.Is there a way to upgrade a laptop to a 64 bit system ?
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  1. doesnt require 64bit and 2.if you want the 64bit version buy the windows 7 64bit disk which is $90 on amazon right now
  2. You are fine. Your laptop will run either 64-bit or 32-bit Windows. Furthermore, a Windows license allows you one install of either 64-bit or 32-bit. So you don't need to buy anything or upgrade anything.

    Edit: Unless you are using Home Basic or Starter Edition...which if I recall you don't get from Dell in the developed world.
  3. Your processor (CPU) is 64 bit, but will run fin with 64 or 32 bit windows 7.
    The primary difference is on how much ram you have install.

    Windows 7, 32 bit will only recognize upt 4 Gig of memory and with 4 gigs you will only have between 3.2 and 3.5 Gigs of Ram available.

    Windows 7, 64 Bit is required if you want to run more than 4 gigs of Ram.
  4. devilofdeaths said: doesnt require 64bit and 2.if you want the 64bit version buy the windows 7 64bit disk which is $90 on amazon right now

    Thanks ,I bought the 64 bit version and when I install the disk I get a prompt that say's my computer is not compatible
  5. Did you boot from CD or try to load from an existing OS? Boot from CD.
  6. Temile said:
    Did you boot from CD or try to load from an existing OS? Boot from CD.

    I bought the CD. Yes I tried loading with xp still operating.Do I need to uninstall windows XP first ?
  7. See the instructions here:

    You don't need to uninstall XP, you just need the computer to start running the CD without first booting into Windows. The setup.exe for Win64 is itself a 64-bit program that will not run from a 32-bit operating system. The solution is to run it "directly" so to speak. My guess is your computer is not set to boot from CD and you'll have to follow the instructions for changing that. I had a job where I used to do this several times a week, but its not easy to explain and every computer is slightly different. If that page doesn't do it for you, there are probably other tutorials on YouTube.
  8. Thank you,I'll check that link out.Do I need to back up everything ?
  9. Before you go farther.....

    Make sure Dell has WIN7 64 bit DRIVERS for your laptop. Typically they are linked out of the support page for your laptop.

    Make a backup.

    Decide if (1) you want to do an in-place upgrade (leaves most programs still installed, can have problems if you have programs that run under XP byt not under win7 or not under win7 64 bit) or (2) you want to do a CLEAN install. that will lose all your data. Save everything you need on an external hard drive first. Unplug teh external drive before installing win7. Clean install usually behaves better than upgrade install. Also gets rid of all the extra marketing material Dell puts on your PC.

    There is a WIN7 compatibility too. Run it first. (I think the win7 install will rerun it, but better to check first). Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

    Good Luck.
  10. Thanks to everyone who responded.I'm finally up and running.Needed to call Dell for the drivers,Thankfully I still have a year on my contract w/ took 3 hours to get everything I needed installed.Two more questions,I've been using Panda security for a few years now and I think It's way to intrusive,What's a good security system ? also are there any free programs similar to Microsoft office or word that I can install?
  11. Yes to both.

    Microsoft security essentials is a free download from MS. Google it. Uninstall panda before installing MS stuff.

    Open Office is the free equivalent to MS Office. Has spread sheet, word processor, presentation stuff, etc. I had a learning curve coming from excel (work) to openoffice (home). things are different.
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