Triple Monitor 3D setup with 1 GTX card?

Hi all, I'm building a new PC with goals to do 3D gaming on a triple monitor setup.

I was considering doing a GTX560ti 2GB or GTX570 1.2GB. I would get 2x either of these to go SLI. then I realized Diablo 3 and perhaps GW2 won't support SLI setups...

Now I'm realizing that if I went with only 1 of either of these cards, I won't be able to do a triple monitor set up? What do I do? What 1 NVIDIA card would you recommend so that I can play 3D in the games above?

Many thanks
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  1. When you say 3D, I'm assuming you mean 3D Vision. That is going to take a lot of power. Even a single gtx 680 struggles in a lot of games for 3D Vision, though it is not bad, as lowered settings in 3D is better than no 3D. A single gtx 680 also struggles a lot using 3 monitor resolutions without 3D Vision, even more than a single monitor doing 3D Vision.

    Add both together, and you are going to be hurting for performance. That said, Diablo 3 is very PC friendly. It is not graphically advanced or demanding. It has good artwork, but it does not push a video card hard at all. If a GTX570 had any chance in hell to do 3D surround, it would be when you are playing Diablo 3.
  2. Many thanks for your help (keep in mind I'm not the most savvy person on pc hardware, this is the first PC I'm ever building). Yes I do mean 3D Vision? Is there a difference?

    What sort of graphics card setup would you imagine is seen here?:

    Also, in this video, he is running 2 GTX 460s SLI with obvious performance issues apparently SLI isn't completely unsupported?

    Bottom line what do you recommend? Should I go SLI, or 1 card? If so what nvidia cards do I choose? I plan on playing GW2 more than D3. Many thanks.
  3. Just because he is having issues with 2 460's doesn't mean SLI isn't supported. 2 460's has issues with 3 screens alone, and 3 monitors in 3D requires double the power for the same FPS. You'd likely want a minimum of a 690 to power that kind of setup, if not 2 690's.

    I'd recommend buying a single 3D monitor with a 670/680. A 690 if you really think you plan to go with 3 3D monitors in 3D surround.
  4. Dont listen to these guys u dont need 2x 690's ! I have 2x 580's and i can max most game even with 3D on, Check out my youtube channel to see my setup TheChrisglasgow.
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