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Using spray paint ONLY for interior? Effect?

Hello all! Newbie question here,

What would happen if I painted the interior metal part of an HAF 912 case, with just spray paint? No sanding, no priming, only spray paint... But it's a newly delivered case so it should be clean.

I know the quality won't be aesthetically pleasing, but it is the interior after all so I hardly mind. Only thing I'm worried about is durability, if the paint will chip off over time easily from the likes of scratching with fingernails due to lack of priming.

I've seen amazing results from people who strictly followed the sand/prime/coat procedure, but I've also seen a few who coated the interior bare with great results.

So what would happen if I just spray painted it bare? Can it work?
This is the spray I'm planning to use (or matte black) --

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    I have heard that the factory original paint can work well as a primer. I just recently painted my HAF 912 inside, but I did the sanding/self-etching primer/painting and it looks pretty good. Only problem is I did not take it apart so it does not look as good as it would have if I de-riveted it and then did it.

    I think it would turn out okay if you just put a few layers and then maybe a few clear-coats over that and let it cure for like a week or two. You will have some issues sliding some of the removable parts in and out though.
  2. If durability is your concern then do it properly, I've bare painted cases and a little tap or knock can easily displace a large enough section of paint to be noticable,

    up to you ofc but my advice is don't half do it, either do it properly or don't do it
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