Speedstep & HIgh CPU Issues

Dell Notebook Studio 1535
Core 2 Duo T5750
Windows VISTA

Having substantial issues with the processor and Speedstep. Not sure when it happened but the CPU temp was running about 75-80 and the fan sounded like an airplane engine. CPU usage also up high 80-100 percent.

I was looking all over at everything and I changed the BIOS speedstep setting to off. That seems to have correced the issues. Not the temp down around 45-50 and the CPU usage not spiking.

However, the BIOS says speedstep enabled is the default. Should I have speedstep on? If so, anyone know why it wouldn't be working right with it on? I think all the drivers look good. I am suspecting that it started sometime awhile ago when I re-installed windows so maybe I lost a driver. But drivers look good now so shouldn't speedstep work?
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  1. BTW, I confirmed this a couple of times by changing the BIOS settings and rebooting. Each time when I boot and have speedstep enabled, the fan starts pumping like an airplane engine even prior to the windows welcome screen.....ODD!!!
  2. Bump...anyone??? THANKS!
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