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Hello everyone I've been saving up to build my own computer for a while, I'm been trying really hard to understand all the technical terms that go with PCs.
I'm trying to build a PC to play some MMO's And maybe some Call of Duty. I'm trying to stay on the bare minimum side of features and only get what i need.

Here are the Specs I'm interested in,

Phenom II x4 965 BE-(Heard it was better then Fx-4100 for gaming)
Biostar-A880GZ-(Has Am3+ Socket in case i want to upgrade)
G.Skill 2x2gb ram f3-1066cl8d-4gbrm
Samsung Spinpoint 500gb 7200 Sata III
-Random 20 buck dvd burner

I'm not sure which Gpu to get and what would be compatible with the configuration i chose. I'm looking for a gpu under 100$ on newegg. I'd prefer it to be a radeon card because im more familiar with them then nvidia but nvidia is fine also. if i could also get some feedback on the components i chose that would be awesome.

I'm only a 16 Y.o kid i make 40-50 bucks a week mowing lawns so try not to point me out to luxury gpu's i cant afford.
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    This is perfect for you

    and i Dont Like the reason you are picking the Amd Phenom X4 , They are good Cpus even better than bulldozer (FX 4100 - FX 6100) from amd, but amd is not even puttting a fight against Intel anymore. The 89 Usd G850 of Intel, Cleans the floor with any cpu of amd except the higuer end ones.

    Another Reason is, that When you Upgrade your Stuff will be Really , Really Old and unusuable, if you go Intel you might re use the motherboard and Ram. Even the HDD.

    Here is a link showing you the the Real performance on each Cpu.,3120-4.html

    and here is a build of 457 usd that i just made on neweeg.

    CPU : G850 - [...] 6819116405

    Motherboard : B75 [...] 6813157313

    Memory Ram : 2x2 Gskill Fast Memory [...] 6820231276

    Computer Case : Fractal [...] 6811352009

    Power Supply: Seasonic [...] 6817151093

    HDD : Re use your Old Hard Drive (remember you have to make a clean install)

    Optical Drive : [...] 6827106276

    Video Card : 7770 [...] 6814102993

    Total: 457 usd

    My build Will give you more performance , its of better quality too.
  2. The only Reason they Said Fx 4100 have a Honorable mention and Phenom X4 Is good is because they are Real Quad cores. They are only like 10 Games that Use 4 Cores and maybe there will be more with time, but almost all games from 2005-2011 use Dual Cores and The G850 is Faster In these Situations.
  3. thanks
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