XFX HD 5870

About 2.5 years ago I built myself a New PC .

CPU - Amd Phenom 2 x4 965
Mobo - msi 790fx-gd70
GPU - Xfx hd 5870
Psu - 650w
RAM - 8g

I went with the GPU for a few reasons , mainly it had a life-time warranty, and could be cross-fired at a later date. I figured by the time i needed to upgrade it would drop alot in price. The pc still plays most games at very high settings, but I was playing saints row 3 the other day and it was like a slide show on max settings. Looking around for some reason the card hasnt dropped any in price, and there arent alot of places selling it. So i started looking at different cards and am kinda confused. I thought the higher the number the better the card, but it doesnt seem to be like that anymore. so basicly I'm wondering if of these below $200 cards are better than the 5870 (by alot , since most games are fine, just dont want stuttering when max-payne 3 comes out), or if there are any cheap cards i could cross fire with the 5870 I have already.
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  1. I can not suggest to you something "special" , The only thing that i know, is that you can not cross fire different types of cards.In my opinion I f you want to use the cross fire option you should buy the same card again :)
  2. No there is not a card under $200 that will be ALOT better than the 5870. you will even struggle to get as good as for under $200.

    the best performance setup would be to get hold of a 5970 (its 2x 5870's on a single card) and run TRI-FIRE.

    You will not find a 5870 new. they are not produced and have been replaced TWICE with new products (you cannot crossfire your card with the replacement cards)

    Seach the 2nd hand market as these cards are starting to come up for sale quite often.
    In Australia you can pick them up for around $100 second hand.

    Or if your looking to go new then look towards the GTX680, GTX670 & 7970 as these cards are roughly 2x the performance of a single 5870.
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    Depending where you live you could get a 560 ti under $200.00 from But the above post is right you will have to use ebay to get that card. I have one question when did it start to lag?

    If it just started it could be a heat issue. When was the last time you took a can of air to the inside or your rig and blew out all the dust? I know I said one question. Overheating will cause lag in anygame.

    If you are not monitoring your temps I can link you to a few programs that will help you see your temps but I will do it the next time and you let us know you need it. But for now good luck.
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