Sapphire hd 6950 or geforce gtx 480

hello every looking to upgrade my lil old 4650 to

1. SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6950 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card (OC Edition)


2.EVGA GeForce GTX 480 (Fermi) Video Card - 1536MB 384-bit GDDR5, PCI-Express 2.0, Dual DVI, HDMI, SLI, DirectX 11

which 1 do you guys think i should get.. almost same price range $25 difference
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  1. I would get the HD6950 less heat and power usage and a massive upgrade from HD4650!
  2. What's the rest of your rig like, and what's your actual budget?
    You should generally try to go for the latest generation with your tech purchases unless there's some reason not to. The 6950 is a generation ahead of the 480 (it came out with the Nvidia 500 series), but if the budget makes sense you should go for a Radeon 7000-series, maybe a 7850.
  3. GTX 480 will offer much better performance and when overclocked will match stock 580's. The only price is heat and a bit of noise. Probably more than what you're used to with your 4650. Need a beefy PSU as well.
  4. gtx 480.
  5. 6950, hands down
  6. Why are you choosing between just those two cards? In that price range you're probably better off with a Radeon HD 7850. Have you read this article:,3107-4.html
  7. I can only say that sticking with an AMD card might be a smoother upgrade due to unified drivers. Also, AMD cards are generally more power efficient, which is important if upgrading an older machine. Why don't you specify your budget, and pc specs? Do you have a decent PSU?
  8. The GTX 480 completely annihilates the 6950. The only drawbacks is that it is pretty hot and requires a lot of power.

    What Power Supply do you have? You might have to ugprade regardless of the card.
  9. doesn annihilate my 6950, mines faster im most games. unlocked shaders and a 1ghz overclock will do that though.
  10. neon neophyte said:
    doesn annihilate my 6950, mines faster im most games. unlocked shaders and a 1ghz overclock will do that though.

    Overclock the 480 and it shoots past your 6950.
  11. no it doesnt, a stock 6970 beats a gtx480 in most games, and 1ghz over 880mhz is about the same overclock a gtx480 will see. does it with WAAAAAY less power usage as well. which is nice, for when i go to add a 2nd card. 2 gtx480s is just brutal on heat and power usage. bru-tal
  12. ???

    Overclock the 480, you get a 580. 580 > 6970
  13. not greater than an overclocked 6970. not to mention im pretty sure i read the 6970 benefits from its overclock more than a gtx480 does

    also does it with 120+ less watts which is stupid important if u ever crossfire/sli
  14. Lol.

    $350 6970 vs $220 GTX 480. No contest.
  15. yeah, gtx480s are going for a steal of a price right now. no doubt. on the flip side a new 6970 is far overpriced.

    however, if you listen to the op he states theres only a 25 dollar difference, which makes the 6970 a better choice in that instance. regardless of which one is 25 dollars more
  16. 6950 =/= 6970

    No guarantee to unlock.
  17. valid point
  18. Please pick a best answer to close the thread as it helps the mods out a lot.
  19. Hello I'm in the Same boat as you i took the next step and ordered them bolth

    I Have just bought a XFX 6950 and a EVGA GTX480

    they bolth are Great Cards Super Fast

    My Rig: win7 64 Ultimate Tpower 2 I45 E8400 4Gb Ram OCZ 750 PSU

    Having two Problem with the 6950 makes High pitch noises some times and some stuttering in games, which is odd non yet with the GTX 480

    The GTX uses 50 more watts Whoopty do

    Texel Rate
    The Radeon HD 6950 is a lot (approximately 68%) more effective at anisotropic filtering than the GeForce GTX 480

    If using lots of anti-aliasing is important to you, then the GeForce GTX 480 is a better choice, by far.

    Hard to Say what one is better i am benchmarking with a few games will post results

    so far for PassMark the 6950 got a 2747.3 in 3D and the GTX 480 got a 3153.3

    so far Just Cause 2 got 34.35 FPS maxed and the GTX480 got 31 FPS maxed

    Farcry 2 6950 average FPS was 60.16 and the GTX was 48 FPS

    Drivers AMD 12.3 Nvidia 301.42

    Have yet to benchmark Crysis, Crysis warhead, Cysis 2, BattleField 3, Saints Row 3, Mass effect 3 and Skyrim

    So ill try to stay posted on this issue

    Oh almost forgot to mention i went through 3 different brands of 7850's it has major issue would not suggest that card
  20. uses more than 50w more
  21. 580 is a lil lower, but ya, still a beast
  22. was thinking idle not under load

  23. Here is a benchmark for power consumption. I posted the MSI version since it's close to the sapphire OC edition by 10 MHz

    Depending on the resolution you play at. The GTX 480 will be ahead by 4%(2560x1600) to 13% (1024x768)

    Overall all the 6950 2GB is the better deal. Much lower power consumption, and minimal difference at higher resolutions for performance.
  24. I personally Went with the GTX480 over the 7850 and the 6950 Upgraded from my HD4850 I usually Flip Flop every now and then, When i First got the 4850 i had major Driver issues i would of traded it back then for a Nvidia Card in a Heart Beat But thank god they Fixed the issue after a few months was super pissed i wasted $200 on a Card that crashes... but any way I've Decided to take Nvidia for a Spin its been along time since the GTX6800 came out... But any way choice is yours you should be good either way, they bolth are awesome cards.
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