Dell Optiplex GX620 & Windows 7 compatibility

Hi Toms!
I have a Dell Optiplex GX620 and I'm still running Windows XP. I would like to upgrade my operating system to Windows 7. Will this PC run Windows 7 OS?
My Dell PC has two hard drive bays; can I simply pick up a generic SATA hard drive on Amazon, along with a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium? Then connect the hard drive and install the new OS disk...?
Do I have this right? Will this work?
Or should I just ditch this old tower PC and shop for a brand new PC or laptop? I welcome all advice. Thanks.
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  1. I got no answers after ten seconds of my posting, so I thought I should say: Bump! I'll check back in 2 and a half seconds to see if anyone has solved my thread. Thanks.
    PS I just kidding!
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