Upgrading from a Radeon 5770 to...?

I am looking to upgrade up from my current Radeon 5770. I wasn't really planning on spending more than $150, preferably less.

I was looking at either a Radeon 6850 or a 560SE. I have been contemplating the standard 560 but not sure if I want to spend the extra cash.

I am currently playing on an pc with an i3 2100. My monitor is currently DVI 1600x1050 but I was hoping to also upgrade soon to a monitor with HDMI.

My current card on high settings on BF3 with no AA gets me in the 40's FPS. I am looking for a card to at least get me in the 60's with some Ultra settings.
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  1. If you want AA, neither card is going to do it. You need to spend around $250+ for that. On the other hand, if you want without AA in the 60's. $200 will do.
  2. Either card will do you and they are better than what you have so let me link you to this to help you out.

    5770 vs 6850

    5770 vs 560 non ti

    6850 vs 560 non ti

    And here is the HD 6850. In one of the above post is the 560 non ti.
  3. HD 6850 is very good
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