Which Video Card?

I've looking to build a system witch I'll be using to creating DVD/Blu-ray disk from Elements 10. I'm looking at a GeForce GTX 560 TI with either a 1GB or 2GB of memory. Does the amount of memory on the video make a difference?


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  1. You will only notice the difference between the 1GB and 2GB when you're at resolutions greater than 1920 x 1080 and maxed settings on games.

    As for creating DVD's, I doubt you'll notice a difference at all, although I may be wrong.
  2. If the price difference is neglible, I would always recommend more vram. If you get into more advanced software, like Avid or Maya or After Effects, even 3DSMax the amount of video RAM will have a huge impact on performance. At this time, for gaming 1GB is enough. 1GB is plenty for home editing and transcoding, too. But 2GB is more "future-proof" if there is such a thing.
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