PC Trys to boot but fails over and over! HELP PLEASE

So im here to hopefully resolve my problem with my PC! When I went on my PC this morning, iI noticed a wierd kind of burning plastic smell, so I turnt it off and checked all wires and there was no sign of burning on any cables.

Later that day I opened up the computer and cleaned and checked everything with a can of compressed air - Everything seemed fine but when I went to boot it up it still had the smell.

So after that i used a different adapter and the smell wasnt as bad - but i proceeded to turn it on and it was stuck on the foxconn screen - it kept trying to reboot but failed and then eventually the screen went blank.

Please help me to resolve this error! i have tried everything! :fou:

The specs I do know are:
Afox AG31-M2 motherboard
2GB Ram
Intel chipset g31 Graphics card
Sorry dont know much more! :cry:

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  1. take a magnifier and look carefully ot the motherboard specialy around the power connector or the sata slot could be a part on the board or a cable that touch hot spot somewhere and burn also smell around you psu if you have another one to test i would try it
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