Nvidia 560 ti vs Hd radeon 6950 for same price (Amd cpu)

Hey guys I can get either the Gtx 560 ti or the Hd 6950 for $200.Which one should i get with amd cpu

As rock 970 extreme 4
Amd Phenom X4 Zosma 3.0 ghz quad core (Ocd to 3.2 ghz 6 core)
Hdd:1 tb 7200 Rpm
GPU;Gtx 260
Ram: 8 Gb corsair vengeance
Psu;Antec 650 watt
Case:Coolermaster Haf 922
OS:window 32 bit
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  1. 2gig 6950.
  2. ^ Agree with swifty.
  3. Can I recommend paying $30 more and getting a GTX570? Also, I do not recommend any of the extra-core editions, as I have read that they may be limited run only, which hurts your SLI/Crossfire options down the road.
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