A couple of questions

I just bought a new Motherboard:






And was thinking about installing that into my current system using the following parts that are already in my current system:

Hard Drive that has all my files and a fresh install of Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate Retail:


And Graphics Card:




And I was wondering if I could just switch out the Mobo, Ram and CPU, install the hard drive and graphics card and boot it up or if I will have to reinstall Windows 7 again?

If I have to reinstall windows can I then restore from a current backup?


What will I have to do to get all my files etc that I have now?

Or should i just wait until I have the money for a new Case, PSU, Graphics card and Monitor and just build a brand new system while keeping the system I have now the way it is?

Sorry, just getting a little antsy looking at all these new parts and I want to use them, rofl.

I still need to save:

$250 - $300 for a new HD7850 or a GTX570 (Have not entirely made up my mind yet?)

$75 - $100 for a 650W PSU (any recommendations on a new 650W Modular PSU that will be bottom mounted)

$100 for a new case I like this one:


$150 for a new flat screen monitor

As always any and all help will be greatly appreciated!
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  1. What are the specs of the old MB, CPU and RAM? Chances are you will need to re-install Windows OS with the new components. Graphics card will work; no problem, as will the hard drive. Those hardware canges often require a fresh install of OS.
  2. Do you have an extra hard drive? If so, you can copy the files you want from the current HD. You could also burn them to a CD or DVD and copy back to HD after the fresh install.
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