Looking for a new computer case advice needed.

Evening guys,

Currently ive got the worst case known to man for starters its far too small and the cable management solutions are not the best . Because of this I am looking for a new case, now I havent really looked at cases before which is why I am asking on here for people's advice and hopefully own experiences.

My Components

I5 2500K

I am looking for a case to fit my specs, especially the antec khuler as with my current case the radiator doesn't really fit perfectly into the case, another must is a big enough cut out to mount the backplate for the cooler and sufficient cable management.

My Budget is around £60

Thanks for reading my post

Matt :)
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  1. Why not stick with Antec. The P280 is a nice case. My last build was with a P180. Great case to work with.


    Antec Support is A-One. One of my side panels was slightly warped, so I called them. Agent did not even ask to return it. He just said that happens sometimes if they sit on a loading dock in hot weather.

    All he wanted was my address and a new panel arrived in three days.

    Pegger 3D. :sol:
  2. Have to admit, I agree with you the customer support for Antec is very good
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