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Ok, So here are the requirements of what I am looking for.

* I need the computer to boot up and automatically log into windows without entering a password
* I need the computer to lock itself at some point to protect the desktop but still allow services to run (not log out)

This PC is running Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit edition and is running as a file server. I know I can password protect the login, but then I have to login in order to gain access to its services. I am trying to get around this. I need it to boot up entirely and then at some point lock itself down. Thanks for any help!
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  1. Services such as file sharing should run fine without even being logged in.

    You can not access the system at all before logging in?
  2. Not from a cold reboot. If the computer has been off for some reason - example- power failure. I cannot access it with the password enabled since it will not boot up windows without it. This is windows 7 home premium, not server OS.
  3. Interesting, I always used to just leave an xp system on never logged in for file storage without issues(even had beyond tv set as a service so it would record without anyone ever having to log on.).

    May have to try some things and see what works.

    Is it just you who needs access?
  4. Interesting, but that isn't the case with this system. Win 7 home premium.

    I need access remotely at times as it runs a file service for my office. But really just need the network access, I only need to remotely log in if there is a problem.
  5. Ok, I just reset my main system, once i got to the login(I did not login at all), I accessed it from my media center. It took maybe 30 seconds or so for the system to be ready, after that, it can access shared without issues at all(and right away).

    The remote access may be the issue you are running into.

    What are you running for VPN?
  6. Services run at startup if they are set to automatic. No login is needed. I have a feeling the "service" you require is actually a program that is in your startup folder or has a startup registry entry. These will only start when a user is logged in.

    I use printers and file services on computers that haven't been logged into yet. this is with XP, vista, and 7.

    To lock the computer, just set up a screensaver for xxx minutes with a password set.
  7. Both of you were correct. I had the item set in the startup folder and I was unable to get to it. I set it to run as a service and all is well. Thanks very much, you both were very helpful. No if I could only select both as the best answer I would be safe.
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