Pc powers up and shuts down in windows

I recently built a pc and added a top spec psu for it. I switch it on and it boots up fine into windows but then it shuts off randomly. It happens everytime.

The heatsink fan is seated properly, the ram is brand new and is the correct ram for the board.

I think it might be the motherboard or the cpu is fried somehow.

Heres my specs anyway

Gigabyte GA-G41M-Combo
Intel Core 2 Quad - 2.33 GHz Quad-Core Q8200 Processor
Xigmatek 700watt psu
Corsair unbuffered ddr3 memory 6gb
Akasa Heatsink Cooler for Intel LGA775
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  1. I would start by trying another power supply. I haven't seen any ratings for xigmatek; I would google for some comparisons.
  2. Switched the power supply with a different one. I'm still having the same problem.
  3. Have you run memtest yet? You may also have a bad cap on the gigabyte motherboard; I've tried old oem boards where windows wouldn't complete the installation process no matter what; it was bad caps, but newer boards have solid caps (capacitors), which are supposed to be more reliable.
  4. Yeah, the memory is fine. No errors. The caps on the board arent bent, havent leaked, and theres no humps on the tops of them. I haven't ruled out the cpu yet.

    I have tried booting without the cd drive, and tried booting with the barebones on the motherboard. I still have the same problem.

    I'm wondering perhaps the motherboard has overheated somehow and may have damaged the cpu.

    I cleared the CMOS aswell. The computer speaker isn't on the motherboard, so i can't get any beeps.
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