Power Supply problem... PLZ HELP!!!

I bought corsair 650tx from the newegg...


It was on promo with rebate... so i thought it would be reliable product at reasonable price...

But when I put them on to my new computer, it turned on led on motherboard.

However, when i press start button it didn't work with odd smell(maybe it's normal for new one i'm not sure)..

so i unplugged PSU immediately.

After i checked every other lines are good to go and tried again, this time it made pop(loud) sound.

After that i decided not to try again... luckily my parts seems not damaged at all.

So, I put my old PSU which is 250w and everything works perfectly fine..

Now, i'm using this computer with 250w with no GPU (radeon 7850) on it.

After this happening, i decided to refund this one and go to offline store (fry's) to buy new one.

I'm thinking about this one from fry's


it's only 500w, but i think it would be plenty for 7850 and phenom II x4 (no oc, Sli, Cross).


1.Antec 500w seems double rail unlike to corsair 650tx single rail one, what's different between them? is it bad choice??

2.What should i look carefully to buy power supply?? Is there any compatibility??

3.Also, do you guys think that my corsair 650tx was DOA product?? or it's just compatibility problem?
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  1. DOA

    Corsair's a decent product as well, you just got a bad apple it sounds like.

    Antec's fine too.
  2. The Corsair is a way better PSU , grab another one.
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