Scrapped the build, ressurected a 5 year old pc..Help!

Hello all. I recently posted asking for advice on a new build, but decided to try and ressurect my 5 year old PC. I've been very happy so far and just have a few questions..

1) I have a Conro E6600. I overclocked it to a core speed (according to CPU-Z) of 3159 MHz, bus speed of 351 MHz and a rated FSB of 1404. Seems stable. Do those numbers seem ok?

2) My motherboard is an EVGA 122-CK-NF68 Nforce 680i. I currently have a 9800 GTX+. Was wondering what would be the best graphics card this system could handle?

3) My memory is DDR2 4096 MB. Should I upgrade? My operating system is XP.

I would like to upgrade soon, and any advice would be much appreciated! THX!!
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  1. You took the bus speed from 133 to 351? That is totally unstable... There is no way...

    But still overall, this system shoul be able to run any game today at least at moderate settings... If anything changing to Windows 7 would be your best option, it would take advantage of your dual core MUCH better. Honestly setting the bus at 150 would be PLENTY and I wouldnt think that it would be stable anyways... Just ensure that your drivers are up to date.
  2. Been reading online of guys oc'ing there e6600 to around those speeds, so I think it's ok. Do you think going to windows 7 would be more beneficial then a new vid card/memory?
  3. Yes... Windows 7 runs laps around XP.
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