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I just finished my first dream build and everything went great till I loaded my graphics drivers. right after that the screen would blackout for a second and come back on saying the AMD drivers malfunctioned and recovered. so, I figured it was driver related and loaded the latest drivers from gigabyte for my card and the same thing is happening. the screen going black and getting a Driver malfuntion message. so, I removed all the amd and gigabyte drivers and utilitys and the problem no longer happens. Im at a loss. could the card have a problem or is it all driver related?

Thank for you help.

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  1. If you removed the drivers and the issues went away, it was obviously a driver issue. However, which version of AMD's driver are you using? I had this problem with 12.4 so I downgraded back to soon as I did that, the issues all went away. (On brother's 6870 rig..should be pretty similar since it's a driver issue :) )
  2. No i didnt try using a earlier driver. just the latest from Gigabyte and then AMD. Ill try 12.3.

    Thank you.
  3. When installing your drivers ensure that you have all anti virus software disabled, firewalls disabled, and for safety plug out your internet. I had some issues with drivers when I skipped this process, not everyone will have to do it but some pc's can be tempermental.
  4. It seems as if whenever I load any drivers from Gigabyte I have problems. So I just loaded catalyst 12.4 from amd and so far its not given me a single problem. So im hoping that fixes it.

    Thanks again for the help.
  5. Good to hear it's not acting up :) Just remember if it DOES start acting up, there's always the option of 12.3!

    Good luck and have fun :D
  6. I wonder what it is in 12.4 that is causing the problems?
  7. blackhawk95 said:
    I wonder what it is in 12.4 that is causing the problems?

    I'm not too sure to be honest...that and I'm too lazy to look up what's causing the problems. I just know that if I run into any issues with a driver update, ALWAYS revert back to the last version that was working correctly for you.
  8. Well, Im just glad that so far this has been my biggest problem. Now im looking into why the card scored badly in 3dmark vantage. from what i can gather it seems to be down about 10,000 points.

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