Athlon X2 215 gaming?

Hey community,

So, I am piecing together a gaming computer from used parts that are lying around my computer room. Mainly this consists of these parts:

CPU: Athlon II X2 215
Mobo: ASRock 760GM-GS3
GPU: PNY GeForce 9800GTX+
RAM: 4GB Patriot DDR3-1333
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master stock AMD fan
Boot drive: Western Digital Caviar SE 320GB
Case: Antec 300
Optical drives: Lite-On SATA DVD-RW
PSU: Antec 380D
Accessories: N/A
OS: Win7 Home Premium 64-bit
Network: N/A
Display: N/A

I'm giving it to a friend for simple gaming. I just need it to pull light games, like LoL, Killing Floor, and some others. Planetside 2 is also one of them, but I believe it will run well.

I'm just wondering if the computer will do well in these games. Being around computers alot, I am pretty sure they will do just fine. Thought I may as well give a best answer though.
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  1. That computer should do all right with LoL and Killing Floor, but don't expect Planetside 2 to cooperate. That game is poorly optimized at the moment, and is VERY hard on the CPU.
  2. You're probably right about that one, I guess this was more of a post about whether Planetside 2 would run on this processor. It ran fine on my main, but my main is also a tank. It would probably run better on the Phenom II X4 955 I have lying around.
  3. It should do fine, the processor is a bit on the weak side. My old build consisted of an Athlon II X2 220 (not too different from the 215) and an HD 5670. So your video card was better than my old one and my processor is a bit better than the 215. That being said I played Skyrim on Medium-High settings with over 30 fps (But under 45). My resolution was 1600x900 but I recall when I once hooked it up to a 1900x1080 monitor I was getting terrible frame rates. Now with my Phenom II X4 955 and HD 7770 I max out almost all games @ 1600 x900.

    My point being made is the 215 might be able to cope with lower resolutions if your friend is willing to play at that.
  4. My friend really just wants to be able to play the game more than anything, but he is running a 1080 monitor as well.

    I've more or less got a choice between the 215 and a 955. One is going to be given to him, and one is for me to keep at a house (that I am generally never at).

    I think I'll drop the 955 in there, and keep the 215 for my house to use for light gaming and media. The 215 is going to be paired with my 6770 then, which is most likely going to bottleneck it, but I don't really care, because the computer would not be used for much more than LoL and Killing Floor on a very occasional basis as well as some other games, like L4D2, just really basic.

    So I guess I will give him the 955 then. I won't be using the 215 very much, if anything. Thanks guys!

    EDIT: I already have a 965 in one of my builds anyway lol. Dont really need 2.
  5. Good choice, nice to see your considerate towards your friend. You've made your friend one happy person with that build your giving him :)
  6. Figure its better than just having a 955 lying around doing nothing. :)

    My 215 will probably just be a LAN computer, as I wont want to bring my tower from college to home just to LAN it.
  7. Anyways, is that the Black edition variant of the 955?
  8. Nah, just the stock one. I bought it way back to replace the 215 actually in a stock board, but the stock board ended up breaking before I had the chance to install it. So I got a new board for the 955 and made a build for it with a GTS250 awhile back, and its just been sitting around doing nothing. Figured I would give it to my friend to use since he wants to get into PC gaming.

    Its nice, because its only the 95W variant of the processor, which I found interesting. I do have a 965BE though in one of my personal builds.
  9. The 955 is still good enough, I myself still got good frames with stock clocks in the during the time when I did not know how to overclock. Also how does the 9800gtx+ and HD 7770 compare? Sounds like the 9800gtx+ is better because I hear that was a high end card back in the day.
  10. Your 7770 should be able to out-pace the 9800GTX+. Sure, it was a super high end card, but that was 4-5 years ago as well. Its still a good gaming card though. Used to play Skyrim on it actually on a 1400x900 monitor on medium and got 60fps average. I've got 2 GTS250's and a 9800GTX+, all of which are the same, and perform very well.
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