Did I jump the gun?

Just wondering if it was a decent desision to just purchase a new 750w PSU to replace my current working PSU? The reason I am doing so is because recently I purchased a new video card(HD7950), and everytime I try to OC the darn thing my PSU overvoltage protection kicks in and shut the computer down. lol.

Right now I have the Thermaltake Toughpower 750w from all the way back in 2006. It has done me well, but I dont think it was quite ready to handle the power draw that OCing the 7950 and my PH II x6 at 4ghz required.

I decided to jump on this PSU http://www.ncix.ca/products/index.php?sku=55515&vpn=PPCMK2S750&manufacture=PC%20Power%20%26%20Cooling&promoid=1310 I read great reviews for it, and I'm basically wondering if it should be able to handle the load I have going into it.

Besides the x6 @ 4.0ghz, and the HD7950 overclocked to about 1100mhz core and memory at 1500mhz(DDR5) I have 5 HDD's, 1 SSD, and 7 120mm fans.

Here is some reviews of the PSU that I ordered:



So what do you guys think? Will this handle the job, or should I cancel the order and go for a larger unit?
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  1. Larger ? that one you're gonna buy will do even 7950 crossfire without worries.
  2. That PSU is great, for a single GPU even with overclocking is very good. You have a lot of fans and HDD's but that's no problem for that Power supply.

    It can power your system and more without a hassle.
  3. So I guess my thermaltake is just getting too weak to handle the load after all these years? Why else would the overvoltage protection kick in? Not able to supply the gpu the total power it needs for some reason. It is only when I try to OC the 7950 that it shuts down.
  4. Maybe your PSU is faulty or it's something wrong whit it. I personally don't like thermaltake PSU's.
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