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Hi, i am currently looking at buying a GPU for my PC.

Its a i3-550, 6gb ram, windows 7, with only intel HD graphics, and it's not quite up to spec for Diablo 3.

I was looking at a 1gb Radeon 6670, as i think my PSU is only 500W and this GPU should be ok?

Would like to keep total (inc PSU if needed )spending around/under £100. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. You should go for HD 6770. It yields way better performance.

    Yet, you should give us more info about your power supply and tell whether it has a 6 pin PCIe power connector.
  2. cheers bud. Unsure about the 6pin connector, i will have a look later on after work. Take it the 6770 requires the 6pin connector?
  3. Yes it does. It looks like this:
  4. Just checked inside now and there's no 6 pin and my power supply is a measly 350W so i'd be more than happy for a recommendation for one of those too, as i wouldn't imagine it would be sufficient for any worthwhile GPU. Therefore i dont mind extending my budget slightly to get decent value and performance on both. Cheers again for all the help you've already provided
  5. Okay :).

    I suggest this combo:

    Graphics card: MSI Radeon HD 6770 - £70.40
    Power supply: Corsair CX 430 - £36.52

    I know power supply might seem expensive, but it's actually very cheap for its build quality. It has 80 plus efficiency rating, comes from a quality brand and has 3 year warranty. Futhermore, having a decent power supply powering your system is VERY important, because unstable power can easily cook your graphics card and whole PC.

    Check this article if you're still not convinced ;),2862.html

    Power supply ranking:
  6. Awesome mate. Thanks very much. No quibbles at all with price of either but i did have the impression i'd need a 500-600W PSU
  7. Okay. Glad to help! :)
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