Graphics issues with some games

So I seem to have some problems with 3D type games, not any other kind all my browser games and stuff like plants versus zombies works fine its just any game that has a 3D engine that seems to be the culprit

I have an AMD mobo and an AMD GPU, I dont know the make and model offhand but if they're necessary I will post them...Im not sure what more I can say to do it justice so heres a few pictures of what im talking about

Here is Starcraft II

Notice the stretching and blurring of the road texture to the right of the little blue marines on the map, this happens to character models and terrain/buildings and it's awfull :fou:

Here is Team Fortress 2

This one only happens to character models but it seems like there are missing poly's and this is also not cool :(

If anyone has any clue what could be causing this I would be much oblidged to hear you out, I have some knowledge but my technical expertise is a little on the low end of the spectrum
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  1. Seems like your graphics card is dying. I would replace it asap, before your computer becomes unusable at all.
  2. This card is only about a year old! I got my rig made for me by some OEM builders in town.
  3. Oh, it should be covered by the warranty then. Bring your rig to them and they should repair it free of cost.
  4. You might be right on that one actually. I will contact them and see if they can diagnose and fix this, if not I will post again.
  5. Okay, good luck! Let us know how it goes ;).
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