Sapphire 6870 1GB vs EVGA GTX560Ti

Hello everyone,

Need to buy a GPU for my i5 2500 and Z68DB, have 8GB Corsair memory, with a 1TB Black Caviar, and need to run like games FEAR3, BF3, MW3, AA and Skyrim.

Important note : I DONOT WANT TO OVERCLOCK. So please opinionate what I should choose, based on stock speeds/performances. Thats why I chose a 2500 over a 2500K.

Thankyou :)
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  1. Hi

    Here's a comparison between the two cards:

    They both perform very similarly, and both use roughly the same amount of power and run very cool. I would personally choose the cheapest of the two.
  2. Thankyou.
    Thats whay I assumed too.. Did a bit of research and found the 560Ti to be better, but then it was OC'd so I thought it'd be better to get advice.

    Another thing. This may be straightforward, but the rumor is that certain games that specify NVIDIA at startup work with NVIDIA cards, is that true?
  3. Yeah basically what it is, is sometimes nVidia have a say in the way a game is coded so it runs slightly better on an nVidia card, here's what nVidia say about it:

    I wouldn't let it sway your decision too much, its not to say that a "The way its meant to be played" (TWIMTBP) game won't run well on an AMD card, and some games are designed to run better on AMD cards

    I would look at benchmarks and reviews and try and find out what card gives the best performance in the games you play.
  4. Thankyou :)

    I'm considering the HD 6870 more because its around $40 cheaper than the 560Ti.
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