Is microstuttering still an issue with 680 SLI & new high-end MOBOs?

Have an Asus x79 mobo and a 680, but I really hate microstuttering, and was not satisfied with an old ATI 5870 in crossfire, but read somewhere that stuttering is significantly reduced when SLI is run in combination with new high-end mobos, so will appreciate it if anyone can verify whether this is true or not.
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  1. I also had massive issues with my 5850s in crossfire. Once I swapped them out for my 2 580s, I was sold on Nvidia and SLI.

    Now I have a pair of 680s of which I never had an issue with microstuttering on my Gigabyte X58 or Asus X79 boards.
  2. Thanks! Anyone else concur that SLI is now without microstuttering?
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