Dell n4010 no power after hdd replacement!

So i was fixing a friends laptop and after replacing the hdd there is no power whatsoever. the hdd is mounted to the mobo and ive done dozens of similar replacements and never had a board die in my hands. what do i do? Do i have to shell out the cash for a new mobo? ive made sure all connectors are connected. I was planning on returning it tomorrow so i would appreciate your advice, Thank you.
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  1. Have you tried the old drive again to see if it gets power?
  2. yes. tried that. put the new one back in. tried again. then visually inspected the mobo. reassembled and tried again. it worked. I dont know what happened. any theories. probably the 10th time ive had it apart and back togethe but it just randomly started working? bizzare
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