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120hz vs better GPU

What people said is how great 120hz is and they could never live without it, although I can afford it I really also want to upgrade my GPU because at my minimum preferred settings on BF3 gives me 30~50FPS. I really want this PC to last me a while with great performance (against that I used to use xbox which I did not like as much) but I'm really stuck in a pickle here. Anyone have experience against these two of which one I should get?

Also I currently have a 6870 which I was gonna get a 7970 with a stock OC.
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    There is no point having a 120hz monitor as you can't push 120 FPS. A new GPU is needed first.
  2. ^this. If you can't get 120fps on Ultra then it's not worth it. GPU is your best bet
  3. Gpu first, 120Hz is better because you get no screen tear in games. the monitor would be a waste as the current card your using cannot output a frame rate to match the monitor frequency. On a side note if you dont plan to use the monitor for 3D movies or a Games via 3d glasses its a bit of a waste. As the whole idea of a 120hz monitor is 60fps a second for each eye to create a 3d image.
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