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ok so im tossing up between these cases and i need recommendations. i am still debating whether i am going to use a closed loop or open loop water cooler. my 3 current considerations are.
xigmatek elysium window
big but might be a bit overkill

cooler master haf x
nice air cooling, good looks

azza genisis 9000
i plan on going the black version, they are a bit hard to find in australia and dont have as large a window as i would like but great liquid cooling capabilities.

extra info: i'd love to hear other suggestions of other cases too look at but id preffer to have a window or window upgrade as i like to look at my hardware.
here is the rest of my build if it helps:
as stated earlier still un shore of closed or open loop system would love to hear oppiniond
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  2. Uther39 said:

    i was thinking about the storm trooper with a window which is basicly the black versions of the stryker because black goes better with my build, but i was unsure of adequate cooling for my gpu's
  3. You're worrying too much. :)
  4. amuffin said:
    You're worrying too much. :)

    probably :D
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