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Hello, I have a Dell Optiplex GX620, and I am looking for a good video card for it. It has PCI-E x16 slots and a 305 watt power supply. I'd like the card to be capable of playing games like Arma II combined ops, TF2, and Fallout: New Vegas smoothly. I'd also love one capable of dual monitors. I am curretly looking at this Thanks in advance people. If you need more details or something let me know via email at ""
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  1. This manual says you have 280W and a SFF case that takes low profile cards (not the 305W ref'ed above) Do I have the right PC ?

    If so you want a low profile HD6670 card. This is the strongest low profile card available. A low profile HD7750 would be better and more expensive -- it's announced but not yet shipping. Here is a link to a LOW PROFILE Hd6670 Make sure you get a low profile card if the case is Small form factor.
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