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my screen got green artifacting all over it once i bent my monitor downward so i could see better. I restarted my computer and could still see it, but when i unpluged the monitor and hooked it back in, it worked fine. The screen also did not freeze or anything when the artifacts were there. Could that be my monitor or could that be some kind of hardware failure? My gpu always remains at decent temperatures. At idle it remains at around 35-42c and around 68c while playing games like bf3 at ultra settings. My cpu also remains at that range as well. I have a evga gtx 560 ti SC and a i5 2400 3.1ghz CPU. Is there anyway to make sure that it was the monitor and not a hardware failure?
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  1. It sounds like it's the monitor. Can you try the computer on another monitor or on a TV?
  2. Unfortunately i do not have another monitor to test this on. I might try a tv for a little while, but i don't know how that will work out. My monitor also tends to get very hot very quickly during hot summer days like today. This is the first time in a long time that i experience any problems with this monitor though. I have a Dell 1908WFP if you were wondering.
  3. Yeah, it's probably the monitor. But you need to make sure before replacing it. You just need to connect your PC to a TV(since you don't have another monitor) to see if it still gets artifacts. If it doesn't, it's the monitor. If it does, it's the GPU.

    By the way, you said this happened when you tilted it down. Does it continue if you tilt it back up? And does it happen constantly, like when you're only on the desktop?
  4. Honestly i have no tried to tilt it back up due to the fact that i was freaking out and immediately restarted the computer. This issue does not happen constantly. This is the first time that this ever happened to me. When i tilt the monitor down or up after things returned to normal, nothing happens at all.
  5. So it's better when you tilt it up?
  6. you need a new monitor cable or you need to make sure it is tight

    Take it off and see if any pins are bent
    Try a new cable

    that's my bet.
  7. If it is happening when you tilt the monitor it sounds like there might be a cable issue. What type of cable are you using to connect your monitor?

  8. No, the artifacting just happened one time only. When i plugged and unplugged the monitor, everything returned to normal. Whether i tilt it up or down nothing bad happens now. I was just wondering what was the cause of the artifacting. I just made sure that the cables were properly plugged in. I don't think they were actually loose. I did just notice that my monitor is very hot. I am using a 6ft dual link DVI-D 24-pin cable.
  9. It might have been the cable not making good contact... Keep an eye on it the next few days, if anything happens let us know.
  10. okay, sounds good. Thanks.
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