I5 3570... to K or not to K?

Ok so I had time to think and decided I'm going to be heading towards the Intel platform for my next PC: http://www.pcgarage.ro/vizualizare-wishlist/604308/
However I still have some questions regarding this build witch keep in mind is at the absolute limit of my budget...

So you can see I opted for the i5 3570k there but when I look at the H61 chipset specs for my MB I see CPU OC is not supported: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGA_1155 witch begs the question: is the extra money for the k version justified?
Also I wanted to ask about the MB that I picked: can it support the turbo and normal clocks of the i5 or will it run at just one clock speed? do I need the latest chipset for that?
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  1. On a h61 there is no point getting a K over a non k.

    It will still turbo boost it just has a locked multiplier.

    You will always need the latest drivers just in terms of stabilty.
  2. The i5-3470k should work in a H61 chipset motherboard. However, there are some things to consider.

    1. The H61 was introduced back when Sandy Bridge CPUs were released. While it can support the newer Ivy Bridge generation CPUs, the BIOS must be updated so that it can recognize the new CPU generation. If the current BIOS does support an Ivy Bridge CPU like the i5-3570, then there is nothing you need to do. If the BIOS does not support Ivy Bridge CPUs, but there is an updated BIOS which does, then you need to install a Sandy Bridge CPU 1st to be able to update the BIOS to recognize the Ivy Bridge CPU.

    2. The H61 chipset does not support overclocking, therefore buying the i5-3570k makes no sense unless you plan on buying a H75/H77 chipset motherboard in the future.
  3. ^ 1+
    in short, get a z77 and k, the price increase is only marginal, tbh. what, 30 bucks?
  4. Yep. I second the vote for a z77 and k edition.

    Even if you don't do that, don't get h61, get h77. That's the one that has all the ivy bridge tech on it.
  5. Only get i5-3570k if you're planning to overclock.

    I'm using a b75 MOBO right now and the i5-3570. A lot of the Guys in here will surely disagree with me, but I think overclocking such a new CPU is a Waste, if you're gaming. You really need a high-end GPU to see the performance difference.

    It would just save you a lot of Money getting a b75 MOBO, the non-k version and going on with the stock cooler.
  6. I managed to put together a system within my budget with the i5 3570k and a Z77 MB: http://www.pcgarage.ro/vizualizare-wishlist/604602/
    but then I started thinking what if I go with a cheaper CPU(G860) and also upgrade my old HD 5670 to a HD 7850: http://www.pcgarage.ro/vizualizare-wishlist/604906/

    It's hard to decide: i5 3750 + old HD 5670 or G860 + HD 7850 ??
    My main uses for the computer are music production: Reaper/Cubase/Pro Tools and MMO games especialy Guild Wars 2 witch seems to be a CPU hog:(
  7. Get at least an i3 if you want to play any games but a meatier GPU would help. CPU now and GPU later.
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