Best i5 Option.

What's the best option:

A. i5-3570 + GTX 660 TI
B. i5-3570 + HD 7950
C. i5-3570 + HD 7970
D. i5-3570K + GTX 660
E. i5-3570K + HD 7870 OC
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  1. depends how much you want to spend, and how much performance you need.

    C is fastest, E is probably best value
  2. Sorry. Forgot to mention... "Best option for gaming."
  3. also, why would you go with the 3570k in some options but not others? They are both the same price on newegg @ $214.99
  4. D. +1 to the 3570 being a bit pointless - if you don't overclock then grab an i5 3450 and save some money. You won't be able to tell any difference at all between 3450 and 3570.
  5. In my country, i5-3570 costs 30$ less than the K version.
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