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Hi Guys..

I am thinking about upgrading my system..

My Current Specs are:

MB : Intel G 33 Chipset
Processor : Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 Ghz
Ram : 2GB Kingston DDR2
GPU : Nvidia XFX 9600 GT 512 MB
HDD : 250GB WD

What will be the best config for new CPU . My Budget is around $600(not more)...
I was thinking of i5 2500k or 3570k or 3750k... with a good GPU
any suggestion is welcome...
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  1. umm 600 dollars wont get you very far but i can try

    i5 3570k
    asus p8z77-v LK motherboard (or asrock extreme4 z77)
    8gb gskill ares 1600mhz (go to newegg)
    msi 7850

    i have no idea what is your power supply or your case so these might change
  2. Hi!

    For 600 Dolars you can build pretty much a whole new system.Except the old case DVD burner and HDD.

    Here's what i recommend you buy.Its all from newegg and its just an incredably good deal.

    CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 955 C3
    This CPU isnt a very new model but its still more than good enough for everything you throw at it.It's a very good overclocker too!

    Graphics Card - MSI HD 7870 Twin Frozr/OC
    This graphics card will allow you to play almost every game at its maximum.It also features a great cooler, so it runs very cool & quiet.

    Motherboard - MSI 890GXM-GD65
    Again, not a new model but it supports AMD Bulldozer CPU's so you shouldnt worry about anything if you want to upgrade your CPU later.

    Power Supply - OCZ ModXStream PRO 600w
    At that price its by far the best PSU you can get.It can provide more than the power you need if youre going to overclock.

    Memory - G.SKILL ARES 2 x 4 GB 1600MHz CL9 1.5V
    High performance memory at an affordable price.Its more than what you need really but its a very good deal.

    SSD - OCZ Vertex 3 60GB
    This SSD isnt a new model.But it was a top model!Its one of the fastest SSD's avaible and its priced very well.If you dont know what an SSD is, its like a very fast hard drive with low capacity.Make sure you install your operating system on it (your Windows).It will make everything you do on your PC faster.It will boot up faster load faster and it will also become more responsive.

    CPU Cooler - ZALMAN CNPS10X Performa
    It's the best in its class for AMD cpu's.It works very silently and will keep your CPU very cool.

    The total price for all of this is 596 $ after rebates.This is an extremely fast PC that will max out almost every game at a very low price.

    hopefully ive been helpfull and have fun with the new PC/PC Upgrades :)
  3. Well if the OP is looking for decent gains in CPU performance, then the Phenom II won't do. For games, for example, the 3Dmark CPU tests puts the stock Phenom II and stock Q6600 within a few hundred points of each other. An i5 would be a better upgrade path CPU wise.
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