What is meant by Socket in Processors?

Hi Everybody
I am kinda new in all these computer hardwares and nowadays I am researching on CPUs.
Now, wherever I go I find things like Socket 775 and LGA 1156.
I want to ask what is the meaning of all these terms.

Also what is Lynnfield and Clarkdale.
Please give as simplified explanation as possible

Thanks in Advance.

(A novice in Hardwares)
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  1. LGA stands for Land Grid Array, this means the CPU has no pins, instead the motherboard has pins, the CPU contacts, PGA (pin grid array) is when the CPU has pins and the motherboard has contacts, BGA (ball grid array) uses solder balls to connect the CPU to the board, this way isn't very reliable compared to the others.

    LGA775 means there are 775 contacts on the CPU, LGA1156 means that there are 1156 contacts on the CPU, just remember these types of socket model numbers don't always represent the number of contacts.

    Lynnfield - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynnfield_(microprocessor)

    This better not be homework, Google helps a lot with homework.
  2. Thanks Jay.
    That was a very good and detailed explanation.
    And this is not a homework, I am in 10th class and I am just checking these things out because of curiosity.

    Thanks again.
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